Car Troubles.

I have to take the bus into school today so I can do an exam.
Now, I have nothing against busses, in fact I love traveling on them, they are loud and seem to have little or no suspension at all, so you feel every pot hole in the road, but for some reason that’s what makes them so great.
So it’s not the bus that’s got me irked, rather the fact that I own my own car and I have a full drivers license, yet, I have to take the bus to school an hour before the exam and an hour after the exam, what the hell am I going to do for an hour after the exam?! I would have officially finished school by then.

So you’re probably thinking, why can’t you take your car? What’s wrong with it.
Now… This is the fun part. My car is absolutely fine. The problem lies in the fact we have 3 people with driver’s licenses but only two cars. So mine has been taken, so it can go and sit in an airport car park for however long.
My mum is at work so she has the Audi.
So me being the youngest and the most flexible, I’ve got the take the bus.
To make matters worse, I’ve got to take the school bus home. Great, little kids screaming and throwing stuff around, after I have sat, what is likely to be a mind-boggling exam which I don’t know the answers to.
Grouchy Daydreamer + Small kids = another addition to my bloody axe collection.

Damn, gotta dash and wait at a bus stop, will spell check this later.
Have a good day stranger.
Edit : Turns out I miss the school bus due to my exam finishing late and end up on the 4 o’clock bus, having to endure some kid staring at my chest the entire time. Congratulations kid, you have realised I’m female and have boobs, now could you atleast be a little more subtle about the staring?


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