A Daydreamer’s Rants

Welcome to my humble abode dear stranger.

Within these posts I shall be posting my day-to-day rants about my at the moment lonely and mundane life.
Whilst I would usually bitch to people around me, my complaints are usually met with comments about my oh-too-frequent bitching. It’s true, I like to complain about things, but I think it’s only fair, I am naturally laid back about most things, so I should have the right to be able to take some time about from my relaxed attitude and tell those around me what’s bugging me.

However, not wanting to sound like a picky, scrutinising old hag, to my friends and family, I’ve decided I would instead, show this demeanor to the world, that way I have a huge base to which I can spread on a nice healthy serving of Rants.

But don’t worry, I will however try to preserve some of my laid back attitude to life by attempting to make my complaints humerous.

So have fun currently unknown stranger.


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